Hi there

I'm Regina 




I wish i could say i always wanted to be a hairstylist. This was not the case. I wanted to be a missionary. But right before time to leave for bible college i changed my mind. Just didn’t want to go to college. I told my mama as we were driving down North Lamar, just past the beauty school. She said, “ you’re gonna have to do something, i don’t care if it’s beauty school.” I was seventeen and just two months out of high school. So i said ok, and she did a U-turn and signed me up that minute. Ms Jeffie took me in and nurtured me. Once i finished cosmetology school, she put me through instructor school. I taught beauty school for a couple of years, until a Hollywood movie came to town. 


I have done about everything under the sun in the beauty industry. I worked hair/makeup for the film industry for several years where i made a lot of dear friends and my family met a lot of famous people. But didn’t like the time away from home so came home and opened a little shop for several years. I’ve worked at several shops, managed a shop in town and a few other adventures over the years. Met a lot of dear people along the way. Learned a lot of lessons over the years. This is my thirty sixth year in the industry. I joined Amara about eight years ago. Thankful to be in a warm and inviting place. My clients are happy here and that’s very important to me.


I married the first boy mama let me leave home with, no seriously. We have navigated life best way we could and figured it out as we went. We have two grown children who are both married with beautiful children of their own. 


I would love to believe God used me as a missionary right where he placed me. I have a sense of humor that not everyone probably understands/appreciates. But i believe making people happy and laugh is good medicine. My daddy always taught me to see the good in everyone, encourage them and leave them better than when you met them. It is my desire to use that in every aspect of my life, and especially in my career that God has blessed me with. Never stop learning, never loose your passion and go for that goal!


specializing in traditional highlights & custom cuts